Auto Load a plugin during the development phase

I have several plugin which i develop and I want to know if there is a way to autoload them when I start PS.
I guess I could package those plugins and install the ccx file on my machine but it will not reflect any new chnages I make.
Can I have PS always load the most recent version of the plugin being developed?

I understand this may not enable debug capabilities and that for debug and continue developing I will need to launch the UXP developer tool.

I believe you answered already your own questions. If you want Ps to auto-load a plugin, you need to install a CCX. If you want to develop and have a change watcher, you need to load it via UDT

So it is not possible then.
I was hoping I could point to the plugin scripts and have them load and develop at the same time.

It’s a good idea to create your own workflow by RPA application. The image is an example using Keyboard Maestro.

Unfortunately it is not available for PC

Keyboard Maestro is an example, and for Windows you can use Power Automate Desktop, UiPath, AutoHotkey, etc. Just adapt the algorithm for those apps.

PS will load plugin folders that are stored in the plugins folder located inside the ps dir.

so if you store your work there this might be what you want.

however changed will nor be live/watched you’ll have the plugin loaded at the state when ps started