Manually installing plugins - studios

I’ve developed a plugin for a company i work for. however due to restrictions we do not have internet access on any of the artists machines. however I need to deploy my photoshop plugin I created to all the artists. Is there a way in which we can manually install this so users can use it?

Double clicking your .ccx file will install it locally.

Like @Timothy_Bennett mentioned, you’ll probably want to deploy it via .ccx. This is covered in the ‘packaging your plugin’ article. But basically, you should be able to open the UXP developer tool, click the ‘…’ icon, and package the plugin to .ccx, then share that file with your users. When I attempted this the first time, I encountered a few errors that should display in the UXP developer tool logs. Hopefully if you encounter any, the errors will point you in the right direction. Cheers.

There’s also an option to install via command line tools.

Here are the previous ZXP installation methods.

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