Alchemist installation

Alchemist installation

I downloaded the alchemist plugin from githut
or unzipped the zip file
I opened uxp development and started the plugin
everything works perfectly
only problem that every time I open photoshop
I have to redo the procedure
as depicted in the figure.

is there a way to make it stay permanently in photoshop?

Hello, I am author of Alchemist plugin and sadly this is the best we can do about it right now.

You could use Marketplace version but I usually do not update it so frequently and the big problem is that it won’t listen to all events so you can miss some action that you need.

There is an artificial limitation for 3rd party plugins that only allow listening to all events in development mode. In production mode you must explicitly name events that you want to listen and I don’t have a complete list. 1st party plugins do not have such a limitation.

thank you for the prompt reply ok that’s fine I thought I was doing something wrong. Thanks for your great work.