How to display an alert after an event?

I’m trying to show a simple alert after the user has uploaded his data, but the guide suggests to create it as commands? Is there a way I can programmatically call those commands that will result in triggering the alert toolkit. I have the lib installed via npm.
All help appreciated!

Another issue I’m having is with CSS, I have applied borderRadius to an image element that works fine intially on the dialog, but when the dialog changes it’s state the image is present but loses borderRadius CSS. I have tested the CSS in codesanbox-react so the css is fine itself.

Currently, there is no way to programmatically alert using the toaster (the blue pop up at the bottom). Instead, you need to use the dialog to show the alert. For the CSS matter, I am not aware of any existing bugs on borderRadius. However, it would help to get more details like screenshots and CSS code. Thanks!*

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I’ll post the details shorty.

const { alert, error } = require('@adobe/xd-plugin-toolkit');

async function _alert() {

await alert(

'Connect to the Internet', //[1]

'In order to function correctly, this plugin requires access to the Internet. Please connect to a network that has Internet access.'

); //[2]



So, I tried to do an test alert like this. Not showing anything.