How to show "alert" message boxes for "Success" messages / "Neutral" messages?

Currently in a few spots, I display simple alert messages to the users using this syntax (for example, if they try to run an operation without providing all of the required inputs):

await app.showAlert("Please provide all of the required inputs!");

I’d like to do a similar type of alert messaging, but for success messages (ie, “The operation has completed successfully!” Is there a similar type of UXP / Photoshop API alert message box, that that is designed for success messages? Or even just a neutral message box?

The app.showAlert box is designed/styled for warnings/error messages. It has a red X warning icon that pops up. This obviously wouldn’t work well, design-wise, to tell users that their operation has been a success.


You could maybe fashion a modal dialog window to do this. The Kitchen Sink plugin provides an example.