Prompt/alert no longer working?

Hi all. I have noticed since updating to the 25.6.0 release of Photoshop (and possibly earlier than that as well) that prompts and alerts are no longer working. Wondering if anyone has run into this issue or has possible alternatives/solutions?

Yes I did. on Bluesky

Docs needs an update. Same as changelog.

@Jarda Unfortunate, but good to know. Sorry if I’m misunderstanding, but does this mean that this functionality can still be used if it is defined in the manifest file? If so, how would I do this?

You will add it to the feature flag:

I created ticket to add this into UXP validator plugin: Add dialog feature flag · Issue #5 · jardicc/vscode-uxp-validator · GitHub …so VSCode could suggest this as option in manifest file.

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@Jarda Great, thank you! This is my working code in the manifest.json file for anyone else searching for a solution:

"featureFlags": {
   "enableAlerts": true

Appreciate the help!


FYI, this is now part of the UXP 7.4 docs changelog.