The Plugin package created with the uxp developer tool is sent to the user and no content is displayed in the panel after installation on the user's computer

As stated in the title。
I used load in the uxp developer tool to load the plugin in the plugin panel with the content displayed.
I am using react to build the user UI interface.
My Photoshop version is 23.1.0
I don’t know what I’m missing, please help me.

User is probably using Ps v23.0.x (v23.1 is beta AFAIK). Might be something different between those two. Anyway, every time I had a blank panel, it always was some kind of JS error :man_shrugging:

Thank you for your reply, Karmalakas。
I think I may have found the problem. I’m using action.addNotificationListener to log events in my application and it doesn’t seem to work in a non-development environment.

I doubt that’s it.

eventNotifier works only on dev, but addNotificationListener() should work just fine on prod. Probably something that was inside the listener, if you say you removed it and issue is solved

I actually did put
require('photoshop').action.addNotificationListener(['all'], (event, descriptor) => { console.log('Event:' + event + ' Descriptor: ' + JSON.stringify(descriptor)) })
This part of the code was removed from my application, re-built and installed after the removal, and I can see that its UI interface shows what I want.
I’m not sure what’s going on…

I suspect all might be the reason. Could you try changing to some other normal events instead of

Just got an update to 23.1, so it’s out of beta it seems

Oh, I think it might be because of all, as I saw that in the documentation.

In a production environment, this ‘catch-all’ notifier is unavailable to you. Once you’ve created a list of key events you’d like to be notified of, use the following action API to register a listener:

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