Photoshop UXP plugins doesnt work outside UXP Development Tool


Helo guys, can someone help me identify the problem i encounter?
Im currently making a plugins where if its triggering some addNotificationListener it will save the jpgs.

this is some of my code:

ps.action.addNotificationListener(["historyStateChanged"], historyListener);
ps.action.addNotificationListener(["layersFiltered"], documentSwitchListener);

this is my manifest.json

  "main": "index.html",
  "host": {
    "app": "PS",
    "minVersion": "24.7.1"
  "manifestVersion": 5,
  "featureFlags": {
    "enableSWCSupport": true
  "requiredPermissions": {
    "allowCodeGenerationFromStrings": true,
    "localFileSystem": "fullAccess",
    "launchProcess": {
      "schemes": [
      "extensions": [
  "entrypoints": [
      "type": "command",
      "id": "chooseOutputFolderEntry",
      "label": "Select Output Folder"

my plugins doesnt work when i installed via .ccx (package in UDT) but its work when loading via UDT.

also weirdly, when i disable and enable again in the Creative Cloud plugins manager my plugins works… anybody can give me workarounds?

Try removing this line and see. AFAIK this is not allowed at least on Marketplace version of plugin, so maybe something related.

still no luck… even when i changed manifest version to 4. but its working when i disable - enable in the creative cloud desktop app :neutral_face:

guys its fixed, sorry the problem is ME!
the problem is i missplaced some variable in plugins code, when its in debug mode it can read variable but when its in installed mode (ccx) it cant read the variable… also its work when im disable and enable plugins (installed mode)

im not sure i think its js variable hoisting issue in my code

Just a follow-up question: What do the empty strings "" mean when used in the “schemes” and “extensions” arrays?

For extensions other threads indicate the empty string is needed for you to be able to open folders (in Finder/Explorer). For schemes no idea, probably nothing…

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