How to open UXP panel from a Automation plugin

Using CEP panels, it’s possible to open a panel from a Automation plugin using PlugPlug library as:

PlugPlugErrorCode err = fPPLib.LoadExtension(extensionId);
if (err != PlugPlugErrorCode_success)
mEnumResult = enumExtensionNotFound;
mMessageResult = std::string("Extension “) + extensionId + " not found.”;

There is any way to open UXP panel window?.

@Tom might have some ideas here on the PlugPlug side.

I know enough of PlugPlug to know that it exists, but not all the functionalities that it provides.

The SDKPlugPlug let you communicate automation plugin with CEP panel, for example open a CEP panel calling LoadExtension function.

Last Photoshop SDK provide PsUXPSuite1 with similar functionalities for UXP plugins, but don’t provide LoadExtension function to open UXP panel window.

There is any way to open UXP panel window from automation plugin?.

Would it be an option to open panel without this automation plugin?
You could find command ID of your panel from Plugins menu and then run that command. It will open the panel

We are porting CEP panel to UXP plugin and unfortunately the panel is the next step to take within the automation.