Select uxp panel from the plugin menu

I would like to open a uxp panel from the plugin menu
I tried them all with an action with alchemist,
but I can’t,
maybe it’s a bug?

Some menu items have dynamic IDs and those change based on what is installed. I think you want to use this: …make sure to add permissions.

It works only with other UXP panels I think. Not CEP or built-in.

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Just what I was looking for
Thank you

then the problem is this
after finding the id of the panel to open “commandID”: -20013 the panel opens normally,
unfortunately after restarting the computer the id changes and does not open the uxp panel associated with the id, is there a way to make this id stable?

You should use panel ID from entrypoints of manifest.json in showPanel and not menu ID in invokeCommand I think.