Selecting Free Transform

Does anyone know how to select the Free Transform tool found under
Edit - Free Transform in Photoshop.

It appears that this is one of those options not recorded by Alchemist

Please try the follwing:

function menuCommand(id) {
      commandID: id,
      kcanDispatchWhileModal: true,
      _isCommand: false

and then call it like:


Thank You,
Did you use Alchemist in inspector mode to get the Menu id number

no i used the listener and disabled the filter. So it shows the menuid/commandID…

Something else I have learnt :slight_smile:

Would be nice if you formatted your code properly with backticks

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Just want to pass an update to the above code supplied by @assitburn
What I have noticed is that the menu id for other menu item do dnot appear to be the same across platforms.

I was going to use the above code for fetching the Gaussian Blur Dialog but found that the id on Mac was -356 which was different to the id on Windows which was -374

Can anyone think of a workaround