Opening/Closing the Libraries window without using CommandID

The commandID that Alchemist listener returns when opening the Libraries window is a negative number

The thing that is very strange for me is that Alchemist listener returns for the same command (open the Libraries window) a different command ID, always negative, based on how many and which Plugins are installed in the system. The command ID returned by Batchpaly is therefore unusable

It’s a strange thing, it only happens for the Libraries window, it doesn’t happen for the other windows, such as Swatch and others, where Alchemist listener always returns the same command ID, positive, which I can use correctly in my code

I would like to know how I could open/close the Library window, without using the commandID
but, for example, using the “panelList” property


I think you’ll need to find your item in the menu bar by name or ID and then use the command. You can get menu bar tree with a script like in this post:

Thanks @Karmalakas

I see, in the post you’re referring to, a way to READ the state of the submenu item, my request instead concerns how to SET the state of the submenu , and WITHOUT USING the command ID for the reasons I explained in my post. I use capital letters here in an attempt to better clarify my requirement - thank you

Sorry, I don’t know how to do it without the command ID. What I’m suggesting, is - before running a command, you would find the menu item you want (by ID for example) and use the assigned command. At least that’s what I do in my plugin. If someone knows a better way, would be glad to see it and maybe apply it myself.

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Yes, hopefully someone can tell us how to make a Libraries window submenu visible / invisible without using commandID. I’d also be curious if anyone is able to view/hide Libraries using the commandID without problems (as for other submenu - see my initial post)