How to use Raw data type in batchPlay

I understand that raw data type is ArrayBuffer for inside incoming descriptors. But do you have any example of action that can play raw data type back?

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Jarda–I have this from my snippet collection which I got from Kerry Shotts.

require(‘photoshop’).action.batchPlay([{ “_obj”: “get”, “_target”:{ “_ref”: “layer”, “_enum”: “ordinal”, “_value”: “targetEnum” } }], {})
.then(result => console.log(new Uint8Array(result[0].adjustment[0].legacyContentData)[1]), error => console.log(error))

Try running it on an adjustment layer.
I’m not sure it will help what you’re looking for or not, but it can be used to get the data out of the ArrayBuffer.

No, this is a reading descriptor with Raw data type but I need executing them.

Is this related to the Neural Filters action representations?

Not only those. This is also related to the Puppet Warp and Liquify. Perhaps something more. The raw data type is not much common but it is definitely used by some actions.