Illustrator plugin on Mac - empty panels

Hey, guys.

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I am running the examples shipped with Adobe Illustrator SDK (build 730) and can get them to compile and run. However, when I open the panels, they are empty:

Any ideas what might be the problem?

I am using two exaples - the EmptyPanel example (with a programmatic GUI) and the DrawArt example (with a CEP GUI that I am copying to the location ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions/. The problem is in both of them.


ps.: I am positive that the location ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions/ is correct. When I remove the plugins from there, AI does not recognize them at all.

ps2.: They all run perfectly on Windows 10.

Problem solved.
I had to enable CEP debug mode to run (and see) unsigned extensions:

defaults write com.adobe.CSXS.11 PlayerDebugMode 1

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