InDesign modals are not dimensioned as expected

I was toying around with the InDesign UXP webview plugin sample [here] and I noticed something odd about the dialog that is used to show the webview.

I tried changing the dialog’s height/width to some other value and the dialog window would not resize, even after reloading the plugin.

  <dialog id="dialog" width="600px">

This is was not happening to me on Photoshop, and it would be nice if we could solve this in InDesign, in the future.

I also noticed that if I removed the dialog’s id or if I just changed it to something else, the dimensions I set would then be correct. This is the workaround I found for the time being.

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Excellent that you’ve found a solution to get it back to the correct size! I’ve wondered how Adobe was tracking size and position between launches.

Also wondering now if ALL the dialogs used the same id if they would all want to reopen at the location the last one was moved to. Hmm.