Introduction of plugin

Hello all!

I’ve been working for a few years on tools for developers and I’d like to introduce my first plugin for XD, Web Export.

Web Export features exporting HTML and CSS with just a few clicks. The Web Export plugin supports constraining elements to left, right, top, bottom, horizontal center and vertical center positions. In addition you can add markup before, markup after, and add additional styles, classes, and attributes to support popular web frameworks.

Many developers like to write their own HTML. This is mainly for another group. This is for the group that has the clients that come in with changes. With this you can use your own template, add your own code hooks in the XD project and then export a new HTML or update your own template from XD. It’s not round trip but it’s maybe return trip. I don’t know but it allows for a sort of non destructive design and respect of developers work with some development integration.

Version 1.0.5 adds support for responsive like export (currently the Plugin Manager has version 1.0.4).


So good :raised_hands:


very nice! this would be nice to be incorporated in XD by default :slight_smile:

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I could see this being of value for testing purposes in addition to your target audience. Great work!

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Loving it! Well done, @Velara!!! Can’t wait to see your update in the Plugin Manager. :slight_smile: