Invoke Modal from Panel Plugin

Is it possible to call the plugin modal view from the plugin panel? I want to do something like a first run / tutorial view with it.

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Ya this would be great for onload animation + FUE followed by using the document panel after FUE / core action is complete.

Yes, @kerrishotts told me to look at the e2e-adobe-stock panel plugin example for doing exactly this, when I asked.

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Thanks @cpryland, the syntax specifically is in: /src/components/Preferences.jsx.

In your plugin you have your menu commands like so:

module.exports = {
	commands: {
		showMyDialog: showMyDialog

When you call your showMyDialog method from a click event from your panel what happens? It should still open.

FYI I’m doing this experimentally but I’ve had a few issues with it (cannot make changes from the background sometimes - never mind I just fixed this by wrapping calls in editDocument when I invoke the dialog from the panel).