Is a UXP Panel the only way to show a modeless dialog?

I am trying to let a user make a pixel selection in the middle of a script.

For example, the script runs for a while, and then it shows a little window with a single “ok” button. The script waits until the OK button is pressed, but in the mean time allows the user to make a selection with magic wand (or really do anything they want).

Can this be achieved with a <dialog> element? I only know of the .uxpShowModal() function, which obviously is modal and prevents interaction with the rest of the app while it is open.

Is defining a new <uxp-panel> element and showing that the only way to create a modeless dialog right now?

I remember in earlier versions of Ps show() also used to work. Probably still does. Worth a try


For the love of God Adobe, don’t delete “show()” whatever the PS version is in the future, this is the only way to run all PS functions and features from within a Modal window.
@Zob you can replace “uxpShowModal()” with “show()” which will work perfectly.

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Thanks! I just tried it and show() can be used instead of uxpShowModal(), and I can now interact with the rest of photoshop while it is open. I even used the same option parameters, e.g. and they seem to work.

    title: title,
    resize: resize, // "horizontal", "vertical", "both", "none"
    size: {
      width: width,
      height: height
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