Is change event dispatched twice on inputs on Windows?

Is there a chance that the onchange event is dispatched twice in Windows text inputs?

I’m getting two events in my form when the user deletes the text input value when a value is erased but not when it’s added or changed.

b.onchange > b.f > uxp > j > g > f

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. in windows create a form in a panel and add a change handler to a text field
  2. add text to the text input and hit tab
  3. go back to the text field and erase the text and press enter

I see lots of extra events on UXP elements of all sorts, so I “debounce” them by only paying attention when the value is actually changing.

I’m manually doing that as of yesterday. The second change event has a form with the original form value so I skip the second change. I haven’t seen any other extra events.