JPG Repesentation for AI & PSD


Currently, you can generate a PNG rendition from an Illustrator or a Photoshop file. I understand that Adobe is using the PNG format to support the alpha channel of AI and PSD.

However in our use case, we don’t need the alpha channel or transparence of the images.

PNG isn’t the optimal format for big images, it’s the multiple of the size of JPEG (90%) with the same resolution.

Image resolution: 1920 x 1080

Uncompressed 4x8bit RGBA (PNG): 8.29MB
Compressed PNG lossless 24bit/pixel:1.21MB
Compressed JPG 100% 24bit/pixel: 423.41KB
Compressed JPG 90% 24bit/pixel: 211.7KB

I took the data from

It would be great if Adobe could provide an additional representation of AI and PSD files using JPG file format.