‘Last Plugin’ shortcut

We all test the same plugin so many times during development and everytime we need to open the Plugin menu and re-apply the last executed Plugin.
It would be a great time saving feature if we had a keyboard shortcut (something like Photoshop’s Last Filter command) for this task.

This would really be a very useful addition. Supervote :+1:t3: to this feature.

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When the panel UI entry point, re-triggering the last command should be super easy. If anyone has other good reasons for having that shortcut please let us know. However, the shortcut space is getting crowded and that’s why it’s hard for us to expose this at this point.

@stevekwak is right, with the coming soon panels this shortcut is no more needed.

I don’t see how panel support solves this. I’m still voting for a “last plugin” shortcut.

That’s why it’s important to add it now. If it is getting crowded new plugins will have more elaborate shortcuts: CMD + SHIFT + ALT + BACKFLIP + CARTWHEEL.

If you have an easy Last Plugin shortcut you can always have an easy short cut combination available no matter when you’re plugin arrived or if it has a keyboard shortcut at all.


@Velara thanks for your feedback. We will keep this in our tracker and discuss the need after the panel launch.