What Shortcuts used to create your plugin

since XD presently doesn’t have shortcut handling by itself
Report here what shortcuts are used by your plugins so that others can change their mind or simple ignore as their requirement

There’s actually already a Google Docs Sheet for that, I’ll look it up in about two hours and post a link :wink:

how doc is generated by yourself ?

No, it was already there in the Beta (created by someone else) and everyone entered their shortcuts :wink:

Ok nice
post a link to that i will look into it

@pklaschka do you find the docs

anybody know about this
@ashryan @stevekwak @PaoloBiagini @Erin_Finnegan @talkaboutdesign @igcorreia @Velara
pardon me for the mentions just curious to know about the docs

Sorry for the late reply. I’m currently in the process of removing info that is subject to a Non-Disclosure-Agreement (from the Beta) and therefore shouldn’t be public :wink:

I expect I’ll need about a day before this is finished (since e.g. forum usernames of the people in there need to get entered etc.). After that’s finished, I’ll post the link here.

Please also note that I’m part of the UTC+1 timezone, therefore e.g. your reply got to me in the middle of the night (because of that, I could only answer you now :wink:) – therefore, the mentions (no offese) were kind of unnecessary :slight_smile:

Hi @pklaschka @PramUkesh,

unfortunately I didn’t know about such a shortcuts list. I indeed admit it would be very useful!!!

many thanks.

yeah i agree that when we are on different places in the world it is hard to follow up to others any way thanks for your work done for others it may be helpful for future developers. I was located at UTC+5:30 and replying to others and getting replies to me is harder than any one think because i expected that less than 10 people who located at my UTC were participating in the forum hope more people comes to this and glad help to them or gain help from them. As i was passionate about XD i asking on forums at midnight 12:00 to 2:00

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Alright – here is the Google Spreadsheets sheet I had talked about: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PXG8ENgSpcjeFkx2OQl7wiuHKnjn-oUdxx0_MDCvc-0/edit#gid=0

This isn’t anything official, but it got used during the Beta (and therefore, it is “as good as it gets” :wink:).