Lightroom Asset API Incorrect results.

I am using the Lightroom API to list the assets of an album.

For an album that I am testing that has 7 assets, one with the Pick flag and one with the Reject Flag.;pick

return 5 results (the unpicked assets) – where it should return 6. – as I want to get all the assets that are either picked or unflagged.;unflagged

returns 1 result(the picked asset) – where it should return the same 6.

This is the documentation for the flag parameter:

Semi-colon separated review flag values used to filter assets returned. Can be combined with subtype filter. Valid values for flags are 'pick’, ‘unflagged’ and 'reject’. This parameter cannot be used along with album_filters parameter. Default behavior is to display all assets.

Please advise – is this a bug or am I using the API incorrectly?

Is there a specific developer forum that I should post this to?



Hi Michael,

I will reach out to Lightroom folks but my guess is that hide_stacked_assets works similarly to album_filters, which cannot be used in tandem with the flag parameter. Could you try to take out hide_stacked_assets as a parameter and see if that changes anything?

Here are a few forums you could join:

Lightroom Classic - Adobe Support Community or Adobe ID



I removed the hide_stacked_assets parameter and got the same results.