No Libraries returned from Account

I have registered my application in the API console and I am able to access the Lightroom and CC Libraries with no error. These are the scope that I am using.
I have a number of CC Libraries in my account, yet when I make this call, I don’t get any results. Any suggestions?

static async GetLibrariesAsync(token: string){

    const options ={
        headers: {
            "x-api-key": adobeApiKey,
            Authorization: `Bearer ${token}`,

        const response = await axios.get(

        console.log(`${} CC libraries.`);

    } catch(error){ 

Hi there!

Apologies for the delay, I’m running this by the Libraries team…

@mscherotter ,

How many libraries are in the account, and returned within Your work | Adobe Creative Cloud?


It was an issue of scopes - I didn’t have the right ones defined - would be a good idea to list the scopes needed for each API.

Ok, glad you got it updated. All Libraries API calls should be the same set of scopes, but we’ll make sure the minimum is listed somewhere. cc @afuchs