API to Create a library is giving 401 composite creation error

I’m having some issues.

I was trying to get the list of libraries following the API doc. I was hitting https://cc-libraries.adobe.io/api/v1/libraries (the first API in the doc). I’ve created few libraries and assets both web interface and desktop app.

But the get API returns empty array.

Then I try to create a library using the 2nd api, posting
“name”: “test_123”
to https://cc-libraries.adobe.io/api/v1/libraries?invocation_mode=sync,async

But I’m getting composite creation error and status code is 401.

What I’m doing wrong ?

Hi there! Welcome!

We all just got back from vacation. I’ll ask around about this error…


Sorry you are having issues with this, can you please provide a link to the doc you are referring to? In order to help debug the requests can you also provide the request ID headers from both the https://cc-libraries.adobe.io/api/v1/libraries and https://cc-libraries.adobe.io/api/v1/libraries?invocation_mode=sync,async request?


Hi, here goes the API reference

x-request-id : vULXF4YfQule5YpAaXezs9iN4Yb3ATnQ

Thank you!

Unfortunately myself and my coworker are unable to find any requests with that id. We log 100% of request IDs so we should be able to see it. It’s possible if the request was made some time ago it has fallen out of our logs? Can you please try the request again and we will search for it as soon as we see the “X-Request-Id” header.


Also could you supply the email of the account you are attempting to create libraries with?

On further investigation we think it might be a scope issue on your user auth token.

Still unable to find the logs for the request ID you mentioned, BUT we were able to recreate the 401 error you were seeing by not requesting the correct scope on our authentication.

Can you please try a new authentication request with the all the scopes listed on this page? https://www.adobe.io/creative-cloud-libraries/docs/integrate/setup/oauth/#oauth-20-playground

Our guess is that you have at least the AdobeId scope in your auth request but are missing some/all of the others. This can also explain why we are unable to see your requests, they are being rejected by the authentication service.


Thanks a lot. You are right, it was scope issue. After setting the scope it’s working.

Great to hear! Glad it’s working now.