Error when creating new elements in a Library

We have an Integration inside of Frontify that wants to push Images from Frontify to Adobe Creative Cloud. We are able to trigger the OAuth process and query the available libraries. But when we then want to upload the asset to a library, we get an error.

We followed this tutorial (, but for now it does not work anymore for us.

Do you know if there were breaking changes that changed the way that elements are created?

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Can you please provide details on the error you’re receiving?

Hey :slight_smile:
Thanks for your feedback, The actions i take are:

  • We have an Image that we want to upload to Adobe CC
  • Login into Adobe through the OAuth flow (Works)
  • Query the destination libraries (Works)
  • Submit the Request (Fails).
    Error Message:
    “400 Bad Request”

Thanks for any pointers.

The logs for that failure are communicating that the library is somehow corrupt. There’s a critical field missing from its metadata, hence the “400 - BAD REQUEST” response (though that means more to those with visibility into the nature of the failure, obviously).

Is this failing for any other libraries? If not, and if you’re able to do so, can you share the library with me at “”.

One other tip, I see you’re using the now-outdated library ID instead of the “assetId” field. The difference is that the deprecated ID is a standard guid (“d3172560-badc-4867-af6b-cfdced5014e9” from your request), and the assetId is our identifier like “urn:aaid:sc:EU:0c3686c1-73ec-4bdc-84d5-9cda471e1c3f”). There was a time where this was the primary identifier, but it’s since been deprecated and replaced with the more accurate assetId. The assetId is in libraries responses as the library_urn attribute.

So, my tips:

  1. Let us know if this is the only library where you’re seeing this issue.
  2. Try again using the assetId instead of the legacy libraries ID GUID, and report back on your findings.


Thank you for your quick help @roche :partying_face: we were able to upload assets again.

In the documentation it is written, that we need to distinguish between public and private libraries with the IDs. Are these cases that also apply for our Integration?

It sounds like we need to be more clear with our documentation, I will follow up on that.