Live Preview XD App for Windows PC download now

Hi Guys,
Pramukesh Here,
The Other Day I say that i will release a Live Preview App For Adobe XD,
Its here currently under development(under feature wise)
Try it Yourself

Github Repo

To report issues, feedback, bugs, downloads, other communication…

Download App from PlayStore(Android)


Garage Log Book

Initial Release ;-{)

Currently Supported
Elements : Rectangle, Ellipse, Circle, Line.
Properties : Fill Color, Border Length, Border Color, CornerRadius(For Rectangles).

Under Development
Elements : Text(with font support.),Paths, Groups, Repeat Grids(with real data),
Properties: Opacity(Currently Working for Some Elements), Gradients, Shadows, Rotation.

Future Development
Properties : Interactions and AutoAnimate Features(I Will Try my level best), much more…

Planned : Online Sharable Links of XD Documents(Live Editing and Saved Docs) and Design Comments for your docs and in-depth Document Specs for developers and Versioning System like visual versioning by Adobe