Loading external modules via 'require'

Hello Everyone,
I have a few external modules that has to be loaded during runtime and I cannot find any other way to import it other than using script tag.
This also poses a major problem when trying to import standard JS modules.

So Does UXP support loading external modules via ‘require’ ? If not is it going to be a feature that is going to be introduced in a later version?

UXP plugins fully support loading modules with require.
Are you building a plugin or a script? It was not possible to use it in UXP Scripting.
Support was added in the latest Photoshop beta version (24.2 February 2023).

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it’s possible to use require to load modules. but while testing I found that not all modules are supported.

I also remember having to add ./ or ./modules/moduleName/scriptName.js to the path of the module. not sure why

edit: keep in mind that core modules like http/fs/path…etc are not identical to the ones present in nodejs. so not all functionality is supported


This is very interesting.

I did the same thing @Maher mentioned and didn’t work the first time. But like @tomzag said, it was included in one of the latest updates, so I had to do an update on Photoshop and tried the same method @Maher mentioned and it worked!

Thank you for the help everyone!