Manifest 5 network not working for domains all configuration

I have tried :

 "requiredPermissions": {
    "network": {
      "domains": "all"

with this configuration network is not working

i have also tried :

"domains": ["http://*.*.*", "https://*.*.*"]

this also doesnt work.

I have to put explicit url like:

"domains": [""]

then it works.

This sounds intentional on the surface… @pkrishna can confirm.

I tried domain: "all" with an <img> tag and it worked. But the URL you have provided seems to be a static HTML file. Can you please provide the code snippet of how you are trying to use this url?

@pkrishna i have the same problem, i’m making a fetch call to verify a serial number. On pc I have no problem on mac the network doesn’t work in any way.
I have a feeling that Mac only accepts HTTPS protocols, while Windows also accepts HTTP. Could that be possible?"

@pkrishna i would like to know if this is a bug and will be fixed. Otherwise I will change my webservice to accept the https protocol. (and I’ll have to change the cep plugins as well since they relied on the same webservice.)

if anyone has the same problem, i can confirm that only https protocol works on mac. i changed my web service and now it works.

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Wildcards (except top-level) are supported.
So “http://.." is not valid. In your case, "http//” would be OK for your case.

PS on macOS (I’ve tested 23.3, 24.0 & 24.2 on macOS 13.1) denies ‘http’ requests with error " The resource could not be loaded because the App Transport Security policy requires the use of a secure connection.". It looks like PS/UXP issue. I will create a ticket for this issue.

Please use ‘https’ & “domains”: [“http://*”] as a workaround.