Marketplace Migration to Creative Cloud Desktop App has been delayed

Originally planned for the rollout of XD 39, XD Plugin Delivery via the plugin Marketplace in the Creative Cloud Desktop app has been delayed until XD 40’s release in May.

The initial plan was to migrate over to Creative Cloud Desktop shortly after the release of XD 39, starting April 19-23rd. As you may have noticed, the migration did not occur. As the team was working on the migration, we noticed a few technical and UX issues with the new plugin discovery and management experience in the Creative Cloud Desktop Marketplace. To ensure our end users and partners have a great experience with XD plugins, we decided to postpone the migration.

If you have access to the XD prerelease, you will already have access to the new marketplace experience. If you need access, please let us know by emailing

Note: This migration does not include the ability to create paid plugins for Adobe XD.


The marketplace migration has been put on hold for another two weeks because of a bug in the workflow.


An update: The marketplace migration is still delayed at present.


We have news! @afuchs has written a blog post about the migration: XD Plugins Moving to the Marketplace in Creative Cloud Desktop | by ari fuchs | Adobe Tech Blog | Jun, 2021 | Medium