When will XD plugins appear in the Marketplace tab of the Creative Cloud Desktop app?

I read that it will be with the release of XD 36, but when will that be?

According to @kerrishotts Spectrum component support for XD, rather soon (“November release”) :slightly_smiling_face:

but the October version was 34 :flushed:

It’s coming soon as part of one of the monthly updates from XD. As you can tell, there has been some motion on which release it will be.

Is there anything you’d like to know about this other than which release it will ship with?

(@pklaschka I’m not certain that XD plugins in Creative Cloud Desktop and full Spectrum UXP support are necessarily tied together.)

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True, but the question said it will be in XD 36, and the thread at least gave a release date on XD 36. So if

is true, according to the thread linked above, it would be in November :wink:.

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An October 21 post in the Adobe Tech Blog said:

  • XD Plugins are targeted to arrive in the new Plugin Marketplace with the release of XD 36.
  • Publisher profiles are coming soon to the Plugin Marketplace aggregating extensions and plugins from the same developer.
  • Paid XD plugins are arriving in 2021.

Does this mean that when XD plugins first arrive in the new Plugin Marketplace, they can only be free (not paid)? If so, that seems odd, because there are already many paid plugins in the new Plugin Marketplace.

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You can have free. You can have paid plugins outside of the marketplace sold through your own stores (and then installed or licensed) but not inside of it with any native support because from what was mentioned elsewhere on the forums PS already had an existing paid licensing support model for plugins that UXP was able to hook into. XD does not have that currently and it has to be built.


Do we have an estimation beginning 2021 / middle / end of 2021 ?

I don’t want to speculate on timing. A lot has to happen perfectly, and any guess I make now is likely to be wrong. So I don’t want to set the wrong expectations.

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