Migrating old settings

Hey folks,

getting my feet wet with UXP and stuck on my first issue. I am trying to import settings from an old version of our CEP plugin. These settings were stored as JSON file in SystemPath.USER_DATA location. Ideally I would just like to read a file from there but as UXP restricted access I tried to present a file open dialog with appRoamingData as initialDomain but unfortunately it is not included in supportedDomains and doesn’t work.

Any pointers?

Currently, there’s no mechanism to use this as an initial location. You’ll need to provide documentation for your users so that they can navigate to this location manually.

A future version of UXP is adding support for an initial folder path so that you could be more specific, but that’s not possible in the current version in PS 2021.

What I would actually do, update CEP with export and develop UXP with export/import. Users then can easily export from CEP and import into UXP. Not very familiar with CEP, but I guess shouldn’t be difficult to accomplish

That’s an even better solution. Plus users can export & backup their settings, with a path to restore them in the future. Very nice idea.