How will future migrations of plugin data work?

How will future migrations of plugin data work? I’m seeing the panel’s data is stored by default in a sub-folder which is specific to Photoshop v22. What happens when v23 is released in a year? Will data be migrated by default? Something developers need to play for?

~/⁨Library⁩/Application Support⁩/Adobe⁩/UXP⁩/PluginsStorage⁩/PHSP⁩/22⁩

Also seeing some panels show up under
~/⁨Library⁩/Application Support⁩/Adobe⁩/UXP⁩/PluginsStorage⁩/PHSP⁩/Internal

Curious to know if there is a way to target such a location (non-version specific) now?

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Plugin data will be automatically transferred when major versions are installed.

As for the Internal dir, check the last dates those were modified. I suspect that’s left-over from the prerelease. In my directory all of that looks pretty old.

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Great, good to know!

So the old data will persist, and a user working on both a new and old platform would be editing different instances of their plugin data, right? Good to know, as this may cause some unexpected behavior and I’d want to warn people for any known conflict where editing settings on the old PS after migration would mean that changes in the old PS would stop being reflected in the new PS after initial use. Also important for understanding potential debugging scenarios.

I’ll wipe those internal folders and see if anything comes back.

Conceivably, yes. This is mostly intended for the case where the new app may only support a newer version of the plugin with newer capabilities and a potentially different schema.

I didn’t answer this earlier – right now, the only mechanism for this would be to let your user pick a different location where your plugin could save its data. With persistent file tokens (coming soon), you could then use that as a shared location between your plugins. Essentially you’d be treating the plugin data as a user-created document where they could have control over where the data was saved (and could then have additional variations of that data if they so chose).

When you say “conceivably”, do you mean that a plug-in would have the option to access the folder created for the prior version vs starting new? Or is this more something that will be determined over the coming months?