Plugin Data Folder - will there be a new folder path for each Photoshop version?

Question 1: The Photoshop version “22” is one of the folders in the path to the plugin data folder. Will there be an additional plugin data folder with “23” in the path when CC 2022 is released?

I am using the plugin data folder for the user to store presets and would like those presets to carry over when the user upgrades Photoshop to the next major release. Ideally, I would like the plugin to use the same folder regardless of the PS version the user is running at the time. So if a preset is saved in one PS version, the same preset will be available to the user if they run the plugin from another PS version.

Question 2: Is there a way currently, or planned for the future to allow plugins to share a folder? I would like to have a global folder where different plugins can share user presets.

I think I’ve read somewhere (but can’t find it now), that plugin data folder content is copied/moved to a new version plugin data folder

Edit: Found it :slight_smile:


Returns a folder that can be used for extension’s data storage without user interaction. It is persistent across host-app version upgrades.