Why so many copies of plugin data folders?

Why does each major version of PS get a separate PluginData folder? Between v22 and v23 and PHSP and PHSPBETA, I already have up to 4 separate copies of data for the same panel.

Having separate copies makes it hard to backup data, probably creates scenarios where switching versions of PS causes unexpected/unwanted behavior by reverting to old copies of panel data, etc.

As CCD only supports a single version of a given manifest ID, shouldn’t there be a single, unique PluginData for that manifest ID?

If the concern is that PS beta could corrupt panel data, I could see a branch there. But I don’t understand why major versions of PS would drive duplication when the code managing the plugin data would be the same (if the panel needs to respond to major versions, it should fully manage that by itself).

Plugin data is considered to be a product preference, and because Ps allows users to maintain different preferences and settings per Ps version, the same applies to the plugin data.

This allows users to have different settings and configurations for their plugins (per major version), but also allows them the ability to maintain older versions of Ps w/ older plugins. (They can’t update those plugins due to marketplace limitations, but they can keep using them as long as they’re on the machine.)

I’m not sure I see the logic. It’s treating a change in the host application as a change in the plugin, and it’s treating the plugin as if it only changes during major PS updates.

If the plugin needs to change its data schema due to a change in the plugin, it needs to fully support that on its own - and could easily occur within a major version of PS and therefore not be helped by having independent data.

If someone were stuck on an old plugin or old PS, they’d still just have a single version of the plugin installed.

@gregbenz Do some of your users also report losing their settings after a plugin update (I’m also storing setting in the plugin data folder)?

Yes. I see it here and there when there is a UDT watch reload during development. It might be that a write was occuring when reloading. I’ve seen UDT reload my panel 2x frequently during an update, and I suspect that may cause some unique issues in the dev environment.

Unclear if I’m seeing that same issue in the field, but have seen several file access errors that occur only at the moment of a plugin update (but only if Photoshop was open during the update). It may be specific to marketplace installs. Seems like it is less frequent now than it was a year ago.

Thanks for your feedback. BTW the Adobe plugin support (asupport@adobe.com) contacted me that they are searching for users where this happens. They contact them to get more informations. So probably you can also send them some contacts to track down this issue.

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