Contents Loss - PluginData folder location changed after update to XD 39

Hi guys,

Yesterday I’ve updated Adobe XD to the latest version (39.0.12 on Windows) and I’ve encountered a serious issue with the plugin development.

The folder used for the pluging I/O has changed location, but its content hasn’t been moved. As the previous folder doesn’t exist anymore, I think it’s content has been deleted as well.

The paths are:

Previous: C:\Users[Username]\AppData\Local\Packages\Adobe.CC.XD_adky2gkssdxte\LocalState\plugin_settings[01234567-pluginID]\

New: C:\Users[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\UXP\PluginsStorage\SPRK\Developer[01234567-pluginID]\PluginData

Although the problem doesn’t reflect to the scripts (as the relative paths are the same as before: ‘./[filename]’) I might have lost some important files which took me several hours to be done and fixed during the development. Of course I have some copies of them I saved elsewhere, but they’re not up to date. And as I fixed them during the debugging, you’ll understand that’s going to be really frustrating to be done again.

So my question is whether or not there’s a way to find (or recover) that data.

I’ve also tried to re-install the previous version of XD, but the install fails over and over. I think that may be due to the fact it needs the current version to be uninstalled, but I’m worried that could make things even worse (if possible).

Also I’m sure the data isn’t in one of those folders’ subfolders (or in the recycle bin), as I’ve searched via cmd’s dir and found nothing.

I would really appreciate any suggestions or solutions to this problem.

Thank you very much


I was able to find the data. They’ve been moved to the folder: