"modalBehavior": "wait"?

When developing plugins using API 2 and setting to “modalBehavior”: “wait” at the end of BatchPlay I am getting the following warning in the console.

Is it safe to remove “modalBehavior”: “wait” which does supress the warning. I havent seen any side effects yet from removing it but I would like to ask those more experienced than I am.

VM882 common.js:90 
modalBehavior with wait is not supported while the plugin is inside a modal scope
   "synchronousExecution": false,
     "modalBehavior": "wait"

You need to use "execute", or better to just use {} to set both of those values to default.

Using "wait" was a workaround for API 1 because sometimes Photoshop would briefly go into a modal state and cause execution to stop when in "fail". That isn’t needed for API 2 and should not be used.