API 2 - "dialogOptions": "display" - Any way to do this?

I have a plugin the needs to show the dialogs for a few different user adjustments. This works in API version 1 using "dialogOptions": "display" in the descriptor.

However, it seems this can’t be done in API 2. It does stop with the dialog but the user can’t access it because the executeAsModal blocks user interaction with the dialog.

Is there any workaround for this? I am very deep into the development of my next plugin in API 2, which I like for the suspendHistory and the executeAsModel… except the lack of a show dialog for interaction is a show stopper for this plugin. I need to convert this plugin to API 1 if that is the case because this plugin must have the option to show the dialog for user interaction.

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I think I have same issue. Trying to replicate Fill Layer creation as it is on Layers panel. When user selects any fill layer, dialog is shown for some user adjustments. If user cancels, that layer is deleted. If user clicks OK, layer is left as is with all user adjustments.

Now when I try to do the same, if I don’t define dialogOptions at all, layer is created with defaults. If I define with display, nothing happens at all :frowning:

If I change modalBehavior: "execute" to modalBehavior: "wait" in BP, I get this error:

modalBehavior with wait is not supported while the plugin is inside a modal scope