Feature request - allow API 2 to run modeless in addition to executeAsModal

Maybe it is possible to run without exectuteAsModal in API 2. So someone please let me know if this is possible. However, it seems it is not possible.

When running using executeAsModal, it doesn’t allow for user dialog interaction using "dialogOptions": "display". Ideally, API 2 would allow for both executeAsModal and for modeless (same as API 1). That way, when a user dialog interaction is needed, the modeless option can be used.

I have multiple plugins that I can’t convert to API 2 unless there was a way to allow for user dialog interaction.

I use "dialogOptions": "display" too to allow users to interact with Photoshop user dialogs. So it would be bad to lose this capability.

According to the documentation dated October 2021.

Specialized plugins that rely on the Photoshop menu state, or on other non-modal user interactions while the plugin is running may need to stay with apiVersion 1 until such use cases are fully supported by Photoshop.