Questions about api2

Because of my work, I haven’t paid attention to uxp for several months. Recently, I found that uxp has api2 version, and some contents of API1 are deleted. I want to know where I can learn the details of api2?

You’re not the only one having this question. I’m also following this topic:

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Yes, I just want to know what functions api2 has deleted, but I haven’t found the relevant information. Now I have suspended the development of my new plug-in.

I think this page has the documention that you need but it is giving a 404 error right now. The Adobe “stage” documents have lots of intermittent 404 error issues.

The main thing with API 2 is running the execute as modal. See this post here.

Also, if you want to see a basic working example of using executeAsModal in API 2 then download this sample plugin. Just change the .ccx to .zip and you can view the files. I made this for a bug report to give to Adobe for a text resizing bug. However, the executeAsModal part works as it should.

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