Using API 2

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Is API 2 already available in the public version? If so, is there any explanation out there regarding how to use it?
I’m aware of the documentation, but when trying out new things in the debugger, I see they’re not there.
So if it’s not available yet, when is it expected to be?
And is there a way to join the beta version testing?


It is available and does work in 22.5.0. I think the documentation that is available is all that there is right now. However, it’s not too different or difficult. You need to use executeAsModal for running all batchPlay. They will not run unless inside an executeAsModal function. Beyond that, it works pretty much the same.

However, there is no way for user dialog interaction with Photoshop dialogs which prevented me from using it for the 2 plugins that I was trying to convert to it. In AP 1, I am using "dialogOptions": "display" in the batchPlay options to allow the user to adjust the settings for some things. So if you need that ability then I don’t think it can be done. I put in a feature request for this.


If you mean the prerelease, I think @Erin_Finnegan is the right one to contact.

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@Danch Just DM me or email me and let me know the email address associated with your AdobeID.

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Ok cool, thanks! I’ll look into it :slight_smile: