More details in createRenditions() error message

I’m getting an error when creating renditions:

Error: Rendition type must be one of: png,jpg,svg,pdf

If there are a lot of renditions it would be helpful to know what rendition name is and extension type.

Use Case:
Exporting around 20 images and all of the images say they are type PNG.

Thanks for this feature request. We will review existing feature requests in the next review meeting

I found out what it was. I was using “jpeg” instead of “jpg” :frowning:
Looked at the code for 20 minutes.

Note to self: Do not debug when sleepy :joy:

BTW Debugging with XD is interesting because if something doesn’t work in code one way to debug is to start over with the most basic function or functionality and then add back in piece by piece.

With an XD project doing that meant creating a new artboard and then adding back in scene node by scene node.