XD exceptions details

It looks like now XD throws exceptions of type “string”: typeof(ex) === "string". Is there any way to get details for exception? E.g. I call createRenditions with array of 50 renditions and it throws render.too_large exception, how I can know which of them is too large and what are already processed?

@schenglooi to confirm. But as far as I know (as you mentioned), the error message is a string, so you cannot get any further details.

The problem is that the only thing we can do now is too say that something doesn’t work but we can’t provide any details or workarounds.

Could you provide the xd file that resulted in this error?

Just sent you sample document.

I was able to replicate the error. All we can do at the moment would be letting the user know that “some of the selected items” are too large to create a rendition for. However, I do think it’s a super edge case since it’s very rare that a single rendition ends up being >256mb.

@schenglooi to chime in - in case she has a workaround

Susan suggested to use a lower scale factor