It seems like in some cases createRedentions throws render.too_large exception,
What are the limits for createRedentions function and what are the workaround?

I haven’t personally run into any size limit so far. @schenglooi could you provide a little more detail here for us?

That’s the client side error which seems to occur on createRendition call. I can’t provide document details as the error happened before they upload anything. I thought you might have some details as you have access to the code which throws the error :slight_smile:

I’ve received the message from Susan
" it will be considered too large if resulting bitmap size, (width x scaleFactor) x (height x scaleFactor) > 256MB"
Was your rendition larger than 256 mb?

If I got it right 256Mb is 16k x 16k image or if scale factor is 2 (e.g. for retina) limit will be 8k x 8k. Yes, it might be that size, e.g. 2k x 32k. Thanks for details, I will add limits for the plugin.

What, only 256MB allowed for a rendition? What kind of limit is that? :wink:

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