Mouse down outside event

Mouse down outside support. Would also be acceptable if it is pointer down outside.

This is so if you click outside of a UI dialog the dialog would be closed.

Use Case
It is the near future. Robots have taken over the planet. The humans have been wiped out. But a new fight between two robot factions have emerged. The Up-Gradians and Lud-Itions.

The Up-Gradians want to improve their code with new updates while the Lud-Itions want to keep the previous build bugs and all.

In between the fighting a settlement of humans has been found in a near by region and were immediately enslaved following what limited information was gathered about them from the past and a schedule had been created and sent to User_Bot_1010 or UB10.

UB10 opens his email and sees the task of creating a human interface for transferring the schedule visually to the humans.

What could be deciphered by the emotional states is the following:

8-5 is apparently when you yell at and whip the humans
5-10 is transfer and consumption of bio matter
10-6 is sleep states

It doesn’t seem complicated UB10 thinks. He logs in to his work station and notices an update for XD.

Scanning through the release notes he notices setTimeout and setInterval API has been added. “Hurray” he says.

UB10 opens the new version of Visual Studio Code, renamed Non Visual Studio Code and starts working on the UI.

In between coding sessions he has been manually reloading a web page to check for new updates from his favorite web toon artist.

Deciding to automate his task UB10 decides to creates a plugin in XD that will check for him.

On each interval the dialog opens and indicates if a new web toon is available. Each time the dialog opens UB10 has to move the mouse to the top of the screen to click the close button.

He figures if there was a mouseDownOutside event then when the dialog appears he could click anywhere on the screen and the dialog would close and save a few cycles.

Then it hits him. If humans weren’t concerned with saving a few cycles he wouldn’t exist. Is it possible that his obsession to save cycles would one day would be the inspiration to bring into existence a subset of robots?

I’m usually against off-topic comments in a feature request, but I just have to say it: I love this use case story :laughing:

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