New docs site published - please provide us feedback!

Hi everyone,

We’ve released a new version of our docs site today. So what has changed?

  • Plugin Design Guidelines - Our UX designer, @dcaicedo, has created the Plugin Design Guidelines that’s will help you define the best user experience for your plugin and ensure your plugin follows XD user experience patterns. We are continuing to evolve these. Please feel free to provide us some feedback on this section by filling out the feedback form
  • Re-designed left side navigation - We made the left navigation a lot simpler by removing the top level headers and re-organizing the items
  • Renamed the “advanced concepts” section and consolidated information - We realized that the former “advanced concepts” section actually had a lot of essential information for first time plugin developers, so we added some content and renamed he section as plugin development 101.
  • Updated overview page - We simplified the overview page and added the new sections and graphics

Again, if you have feedback about the Plugin Design Guidelines page, fill out this feedback form. If you have feedback about other parts of the site, either send me a DM or leave comments below.

Thank you and happy coding!