OAuth implementation example link is “dead”

Just starting to getting to know the Adobe Creative Cloud API. I have been a plugin and script developer for a long time. As there is no acces to a CC Library from JavaScript I’m now trying to get to know the CC API. The OAuth2 stuff is new to me so any help getting that up and running would be very welcom.

Hi there! Welcome to the forums.

Where is the dead link? I’m having trouble finding it…

Here’s some of the CC Libraries documentation:

Thank you :slight_smile:
on page: https://www.adobe.io/creative-cloud-libraries/docs/integrate/setup/oauth/

deadlink: OAuth implementation example (https://github.com/cc-libraries-api/code-samples/tree/master/oauth)

Oooooh! I see what’s happened here… We’ve stopped using “master” and started using “main”, and that broke the link. Fixing the links on the site is not as expedient as we’d like at the moment, but behind the scenes lots of people on the team are talking about this.

Thank you, good to know more people are talking about this :slight_smile:

The web team didn’t think my theory was accurate… in any case, we’re aware of the many broken links and working to fix them.