Official UXP types... questions

I am implementing new photoshop types for typescript in the Alchemist panel. And I have some questions. (DefinitelyTyped/types/photoshop at ccaaa6ab6a4168c8644fd3c391c8bff9e485734b · DefinitelyTyped/DefinitelyTyped · GitHub)

  1. why is synchronous execution missing in batchplay?
  2. is validateReference missing intentionally? I find it useful.
  3. are you sure that executeAsModal should return void?
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  1. I am missing suppressResizeGripper in photoshop.core
  2. HistoryStates is missing methods/functions from array prototype… e.g. .find()

I noticed also synchronousExecution is missing in BatchPlayCommandOptions (but there’s undocumented propagateErrorToDefaultHandler)

I’m maintaining a types generator here, which also misses these types.

Would this work?

interface Reference {
  _ref: string;
interface PhotoshopAction {
  validateReference: (refs: Reference | Reference[]) => boolean;
interface PhotoshopCore {
  suppressResizeGripper: (obj: Record<string, any>) => void;