Uxp typescript shell module openPath

someone make me understand. maybe am dumb to figure out but on uxp shell section to be specific. Without typescript we have the shell.openPath but with typescript this method is missing in the .d.ts file and only have the openExternal. Why ?

I had to use @ts-ignore to surpress the error: Property 'openPath' does not exist on type 'typeof shell'

Where do you have these types from?

in the uxo-types module

So that will be question for @thejustinwalsh since it is his project/module. uxp-types - npm

But seeing it was updated 2 years ago… it might be just outdated.

Outdated. I just scraped all of the functions from the JS prototypes inside of Photoshop 2 years ago. The contract I was working on is over and I don’t have the budget to keep paying for these Adobe products I no longer use.

Feel free to contribute or take over the types.

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I’d like to help with this, but how do you run dts-gen in the photoshop node?