Open file in browser support

In the original API you could open a web page with file:// url then we had shell.openExternal() and that delegated to the operating system. With that change shell.openExternal() would open file:// on OSX but not on Windows.

Is it possible to switch back to the original API for Windows? Or is it possible to make it work somehow in the plugin folder?

Use Case
Anna is making a color palette plugin. She exports a color palette HTML page. She wants to open this page in the browser but openExternal doesn’t open file:// on Windows and Windows doesn’t have servers running (or a built in server that can be turned on or off). So she wants to open the HTML page from file:// protocol. She would like to let her users choose the export folder and open it from wherever but if there’s no other choice she would be fine exporting to her plugin folder and opening from there.

Related but odd request / suggestion. If XD could run a server that an HTML page could be placed in that would work too. I think XD starts a debugger for plugins.

Thanks for submitting the request. We will review existing feature requests in a week or two

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I agree–this is very important.

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